REST API with Express.js

In order to make the Examples, you will need these tools:

You can use Postman for sending Http-request to your REST API, so that you can test if it works or not.


In the examples of this tutorial you will write JavaScript code and basically any text editor is suitable for that. Good editor makes the writing smoother and Visual Studio Code is very popular nowadays.

Using quick-keys saves time, so it is usefull to learn to use them. Below keys are common for allmost all editors:

  • CTRL + c: copy
  • CTRL + x: cut
  • CTRL + v: paste
  • CTRL + a: select all
  • CTRL + z: cancel last change
Also below is some very usefull quick-keys in Vs Code:
  • Duplicate line: Shift + ALT + arrow up/down
  • Toggle block comment: Shift + ALT + A
  • Toggle line comment: CTRL + '

More VS Code keys

When you install Vs Code choose those options which is chosen in below image

In order to be able to write code quickly, you should learn avoid using your mouse. Here is a couple of articles about that:

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