Using Mongo

Connect to MongoDB with MongoShell

  • mongo -u username database -p

List databases

  • show databases

Create or choose a database

You can just give the command
  • use ExampleDB
If the database doesn't exits, Mongo will create it

List collections

  • show collections

Create collection

Below command will create a collection named testcollection to the active database
  • db.createCollection("testcollection")

Insert data to collection

  • db.testcollection.insert({fn:'Jim', ln:'Morrison'})

Return data from collection

  • db.testcollection.find() -> returns all data
  • db.testcollection.find().pretty() -> returns all data, but in more readable format
  • db.testcollection.find({fn:"Jim"})
  • db.testcollection.find({fn:/^T/}) -> starts with T
  • db.testcollection.find({fn:/a/}) -> has a

Count documents

  • db.testcollection.count()

Update data

  • db.testcollection.update({ln:"Morrison"}, {$set: {fn:"Jack"}})

Removing data from collection

  • db.testcollection.remove( {fn: 'Jim'})
  • db.testcollection.remove() ->deletes all

Remove Collection

  • db.testcollection.drop()

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