Relational databases

MariaDB is an RDBMS made by Monty Widenius (like MySQL). It is comaptible with MySQL, so you can use the same clients with both of them.

These installation instructions is made for situation that you don't want to start MariaDB automatically when Windows starts. Also these instructions are suitable for computers which are running MySQL on the same time as MariaDB.

Because the defalut TCP-port for MariaDB is the same (3306) as for MySQL, we will change the port to 3307 during the installation.


Navigate to page and search for Windows MSI-file.

Start the installation and make the choises which are discribe in Image1. It might be a good idea to install also HeidiSQL, which is a graphical mysql/mariadb-client.


Next make the configuarions described in Image2

  • add a password for root
  • normally you should not enable setting "Enable access from remote machines for root user"
  • choose "Use UTF8"


Next make the configuarions described in Image3

  • you should remove the choise "Install as service". Otherwise MariaDB server will start automatically with Windows startup
  • Click Next several times


Starting the Server

In Windows MariaDb-server will be installed to directory
C:\Program Files\MariaDB x.y\bin
where x.y is the version that you are installing and below it is 10.1 Open the CMD and execute the command:

		cd C:\Program_Files\MariaDB 10.1\bin\
and then
		mysqld --console
Now you should see the same view as in Image4. You can stop the server by pressing CTRL+C


Connect to MariaDB

So now we have installed MariaDB server, mysql-monitor and HeidiSQL.


You can find from your Windowsin applications "Command Prompt MariaDB". Open it and execute command:

		mysql -u root -p --port 3307
Then MariaDB is asking the password and after that you will have the same view as in Image5



Start HeidiSQL. Click new and fill the informations as in Image6. Click Save.


When you click Open, you will have the same view as in Image7


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